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Learn to play guitar and become the musician you've always wanted to be.

Our fun Guitar lessons are tailor made with each students skill level and goals in mind. Students will learn to master basic to advanced guitar techniques through playing, listening, music theory and music appreciation. Develop musicianship and gain confidence as you are encouraged to perform with others.

We are experienced in both electric and acoustic guitar and lead / rhythm playing. We cover styles ranging from jazz, pop, rock, funk soul, hip-hop and beyond.


Meet the Tutors

Sasada Ngamet


Teaches: Guitar

To me music is life and I have loved music since I was young. I remember that my dad gave me my first guitar when I was 14 year old. It was a second hand acoustic guitar. I started to learn chords and to play it by asking people and watching them play. Also, I liked the sound of it. Later on my Mum bought me an electric guitar and it was fun to play. I kept learning, practicing and playing with other musicians as well.

Later on I was getting more serious with music so I decided to go to study music in Bangkok (Thailand) for a degree in Music Education (including teaching music). I worked as a musician for my living and to support myself in my formal study of music. At the end of that study I hold a Bachelor of Music Education (BMEd) from Bangkok, that makes me a qualified teacher.

I came to New Zealand to study English and then studied full-time at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington. I graduated with the Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) (B.Mus ) at the end of 2007.

I became a New Zealand citizen in 2005 and love living and working in Lower Hutt. I have had 25 years of teaching experience and I am on the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) in New Zealand. I have been building Studio Sasada for the past 12 years. I am also a performance musician playing all sorts of music styles, and encourage all my students to experience performance with others. It is fun and a great way to learn with other musicians.



Teaches: Guitar and sound recording

Jeremy Desmond is a 29-year-old musician/teacher who has been teaching for around 9 years. He has a BMus Jazz Performance from the New Zealand School of Music and is an active member of Wellington’s music scene playing in bands including Newtown Rocksteady, Joe Blossom and Fraser Ross and the Felt Tips as well as numerous other groups that come and go.

“I teach because I feel that engagement with music at any level can be hugely fulfilling for anyone: Andres Segovia or campfire strummer. As a result, I see my role of facilitating any individual’s engagement with the language of music as a privileged position and strive first and foremost to ignite a spark of interest, thereby opening a door to an ongoing, co-operative learning relationship. Technique, improvisation, aural recognition, composition and simply playing; it’s all good.”


Teaches: Guitar

Jimmy Gould has been playing music now for 10 years. Jimmy studied music at Whitireia Polytechnic for 4 years, learning about different styles of music, music theory and playing in live bands/ situations. He gained a Bachelor in Applied Arts which focused on guitar improvisation in the styles of Robben Ford and John Scofield. During the years studying he played many different genres in different bands and multiple live performances learning and playing along side some of the best musicians in New Zealand.

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