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Bass Guitar

Our Bass lessons are tailor made with each students skill level and goals in mind.

Students will learn to master basic to advanced Bass techniques through playing, listening, music theory and music appreciation. You can learn to slap like Flea or groove like James Jamerson.

Develop musicianship and gain confidence as you are encouraged to perform with others. We are experienced in all styles, ranging from Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk Soul, Hip-Hop and beyond.


Meet the Tutors



Teaches: Bass Guitar

Having successfully completed his bachelor of applied arts (music) in 2013 Callum's love of the bass formed when he was 17 and he began to jam with his brothers in the basement of the family home in Nelson. He developed an interest in funk and classic rock that has now grown into an appreciation for all music genres. Since studying, Callum has been performing in various bands around Wellington, performing a variety of originals, funk, rock, jazz and pop genres. In 2015, The Julie Lamb band, a project Callum has been involved in since 2012, achieved no. 10 on the New Zealand album charts. The band also gets airtime on radio stations throughout Europe and the USA. Callum enjoys teaching at studio Sasada and describes his teaching style as fun, tailoring his lessons to the students needs, allowing them to grow and develop their technical skills while also being able to give real world advice on playing and performing in public.

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