Studio Sasada School of Music specialises in lessons for Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Saxophones, Ukulele, Music Theory, Bands class, Masters class, and Performance.


Experience quality lessons with friendly qualified teachers who are all performance musicians. Students and teachers enjoy learning and playing music together .

The gardens that surround Studio Sasada are an important part of creating a good environment for learning music. Good quality rooms with great equipment and brands encourage students to learn at a professional level.   

The annual Studio Sasada Concert gives opportunities for live performance with other students, friends and family, on stage together in front of the public. Studio Sasada offers recording and bands for hire to suit any function.


Meet the Tutors

sasada ngamnet—Principal
BMEd (Bangkok), BMus (NZ School of Music)

Teaches: Guitar

To me music is life and I have loved music since I was young. I remember that my dad gave me my first guitar when I was 14 year old. It was a second hand acoustic guitar. I started to learn chords and to play it by asking people and watching them play. Also, I liked the sound of it. Later on my Mum bought me an electric guitar and it was fun to play. I kept learning, practicing and playing with other musicians as well.

Later on I was getting more serious with music so I decided to go to study music in Bangkok (Thailand) for a degree in Music Education (including teaching music). I worked as a musician for my living and to support myself in my formal study of music. At the end of that study I hold a Bachelor of Music Education (BMEd) from Bangkok, that makes me a qualified teacher.

I came to New Zealand to study English and then studied full-time at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington. I graduated with the Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) (B.Mus ) at the end of 2007.

I became a New Zealand citizen in 2005 and love living and working in Lower Hutt. I have had 25 years of teaching experience and I am on the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) in New Zealand. I have been building Studio Sasada for the past 12 years. I am also a performance musician playing all sorts of music styles, and encourage all my students to experience performance with others. It is fun and a great way to learn with other musicians.

Callum Hazlitt-Black
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music), Whitireia Community Polytechnic

Teaches: Bass Guitar

Having successfully completed his bachelor of applied arts (music) in 2013 Callum's love of the bass formed when he was 17 and he began to jam with his brothers in the basement of the family home in Nelson. He developed an interest in funk and classic rock that has now grown into an appreciation for all music genres. Since studying, Callum has been performing in various bands around Wellington, performing a variety of originals, funk, rock, jazz and pop genres. In 2015, The Julie Lamb band, a project Callum has been involved in since 2012, achieved no. 10 on the New Zealand album charts. The band also gets airtime on radio stations throughout Europe and the USA. Callum enjoys teaching at studio Sasada and describes his teaching style as fun, tailoring his lessons to the students needs, allowing them to grow and develop their technical skills while also being able to give real world advice on playing and performing in public.

George Rutherford

George Rutherford
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music, Whitireia Community Polytechnic)—student

Teaches: Vocals

George is a singer with experience in a variety of genres and styles. He sings in two bands that primarily gig in Wellington. He currently holds a Diploma in Rock, Jazz and Commercial music and is working towards getting his Degree by the end of 2016.

Jeremy Desmond

Jeremy Desmond
BMus (NZ School of Music)

Teaches: Guitar and sound recording

Jeremy Desmond is a 29-year-old musician/teacher who has been teaching for around 9 years. He has a BMus Jazz Performance from the New Zealand School of Music and is an active member of Wellington’s music scene playing in bands including Newtown Rocksteady, Joe Blossom and Fraser Ross and the Felt Tips as well as numerous other groups that come and go.

“I teach because I feel that engagement with music at any level can be hugely fulfilling for anyone: Andres Segovia or campfire strummer. As a result, I see my role of facilitating any individual’s engagement with the language of music as a privileged position and strive first and foremost to ignite a spark of interest, thereby opening a door to an ongoing, co-operative learning relationship. Technique, improvisation, aural recognition, composition and simply playing; it’s all good.”

You can see Jeremy play here

Jimmy Gould
Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music) Whitireia Community Polytechnic

Teaches: Guitar

Jimmy Gould has been playing music now for 10 years. Jimmy studied music at Whitireia Polytechnic for 4 years, learning about different styles of music, music theory and playing in live bands/ situations. He gained a Bachelor in Applied Arts which focused on guitar improvisation in the styles of Robben Ford and John Scofield. During the years studying he played many different genres in different bands and multiple live performances learning and playing along side some of the best musicians in New Zealand.

Leith Hazlitt-Black
Bachelor of Applied Arts - Music (Whitireia Community Polytechnic)

Teaches: Drums

Leith Hazlitt-Black has achieved his bachelor of applied arts, majoring in music. Leith has playing drums for 9 years and teaching at Studio Sasada Music School for over 4 years. He enjoys playing and teaching all styles of music from hip-hop to jazz. Leith teaches all of his students the importance of correct technique, practice and progression, while teaching to the students individual need and never forgetting to have fun. As well as teaching, Leith loves to perform in public with various bands and encourages his students to start their own musical projects.

Amity Alton-Lee

Amity Alton-Lee
MMus (NZ School of Music)

Teaches: Piano and Saxophone

Amity is a freelance musician with fourteen years teaching experience throughout the Wellington region. She holds an Honours degree in Saxophone performance and a Masters degree in Jazz Musicology from the New Zealand School of Music. Her performance career, spanning over twenty years has been incredibly diverse. Recent and upcoming performances include ‘Balkanistas’ in which she plays the Soprano and Baritone saxophone, fringe festival show ‘Women are from Mars’ in which she plays all four saxophones, clarinet and flute and ‘Esara Jazz Trio’ in which she plays the tenor saxophone. Amity has previously performed with the ‘No Strings’ clarinet quintet on bass clarinet, The Crofton Flute ensemble, Rodger Fox’s Wellington Jazz Orchestra, well known Wellington covers band ‘The Soulminerz’, ‘Big Trouble’ and ‘The Meow All Star Jazz Orchestra’ and the ‘National Youth Jazz Orchestra’.

Amity teaches saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, keyboard and piano at various primary and secondary schools and runs the popular central city teaching space ‘The Music Room’ together with her husband. She enjoys teaching students of all age groups, focusing on creating a fun, relaxed lesson environment where her students can grow their confidence as well as their instrumental and performance skills. Her favourite part of the teaching job is seeing her younger students perform in front of an audience for the first time.


Matt Steele

Matt Steele
BMus (Hons, First Class) Jazz Performance, University of Auckland

Teaches: Piano

Matt Steele is a young Wellington based pianist and keyboard player. A dynamic performer and teacher, in his music Matt demonstrates a “‘wider awareness, an openness, and a hunger for what is just out of reach” (John Fenton, Jazz Journalists Association, 2014). He is the 2012 winner of the Lewis Eady Charitable Trust Emerging Artists Series and has played with many fine musicians and bands throughout New Zealand and Australia including - Lisa Tomlins, Lex French, Roger Manins, Chelsea Prastiti, Julien Dyne, Myele Manzanza, The Aviators, Auckland Jazz Orchestra and Pyramids.

In his teaching Matt encourages student creativity, expression and engagement, in the belief that students of all levels and ages learn best when they are having fun! He is comfortable teaching across a range of styles including Jazz, Classical, Funk, Soul and Pop.

You can see Matt play here and here



"Sasada is vivacious, friendly and fun and views his studio staff and clientele as a community.  He and his team of teachers are passionate about all genres of music and offer tutoring and expertise in a great range of instruments. They are committed to teaching pupils of all ages, relate well to each other, and are reliable and committed long-term. They are also highly qualified and able to teach beginners through to advanced students equally well.  There is a good balance of theory and practical learning in the lessons. Pupils are encouraged to choose their own music, and this helps to create lessons that are both relevant and varied.  Major work has been done to the facilities at the studio, which now include soundproofing, band rooms with recording equipment, computers, sound gear, instruments including a new drum kit, and waiting areas for families. Once a year, a huge amount of effort and time is put into an annual concert held at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt. Students have the chance to perform with assistance from teachers, friends and family and this is encouraged. The amount of support that pupils receive at these events is evident and outstanding. The boys look forward to their lessons every week, they feel welcomed and every lesson is valuable and enriching. As a family, we highly recommend Studio Sasada."
—Bettina Warren Oliver and Elliot Powell